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29 December 2023
Renewable energy companies Bremen Germany. Erneuerbare Energie Bremen

“Germany’s electricity supply is becoming “greener” every year”, says the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action. Renewable energy now accounts for over 40% of Germany’s total electricity consumption. This already meets the 40-45%  target for 2025 proposed in the Renewable Energy Sources Act. 

With the backdrop of Germany’s renewable energy advancements, let’s turn our attention to Bremen’s top 10 companies leading the way in 2024. These companies not only contribute to the regional renewable energy goals but also exemplify innovation and commitment to a sustainable future.

Here we go!

The Top 10 Renewable Energy Companies in Bremen

1. Wpd AG

Website: Wpd AG

Wpd AG, a powerhouse in the wind energy sector, stands tall as a key player in Bremen’s clean energy journey. 

Established in 1996 as a humble two-person venture in Bremen, wpd has grown alongside the wind industry to become a global force. The company specializes in developing and operating wind farms and solar parks, playing a pivotal role in transforming energy supplies and combatting climate change. Wpd currently boasts 3,700 dedicated employees across 29 countries and a portfolio of 2,630 Installed turbines with an impressive output of 6,110 MW. While wpd GmbH specialises in the development and operation of wind farms and solar parks, 

wpd windmanager GmbH & Co. KG Focuses on commercial management and technical operation.

2. Energiekontor AG

Website: Energiekontor AG

Renewable energy Bremen. Erneuerbare Energie Bremen. Energiekontor Bremen.
Source: Energiekontor AG

Energiekontor AG, is a pioneer in wind and solar energy projects. With headquarters in Bremen and multiple offices across Germany, as well as international branches in England, Scotland, Portugal, the US, and France, Energiekontor has a wide-reaching presence.

Founded in Bremerhaven in 1990, Energiekontor AG is a renewable energy stalwart with a rich 30-year history. The company specializes in the planning, construction, and operational management of wind farms, both domestically and internationally. Since 2010, Energiekontor has expanded its core business to include solar power. 140 wind farms and 15 solar parks completed, totalling over 1.3 gigawatts in rated power.

3. ADLER Solar GmbH

Website: ADLER Solar GmbH

Operating as a service provider since April 2008, ADLER Solar has carved a niche for itself as a prominent service provider in the German and European photovoltaic (PV) industry. 

Over a span of 12 years, the company has processed an impressive 5 million modules and generated more than 2,000 system reports, reflecting a wealth of experience in the PV sector. In addition to PV system construction, the company has expanded its expertise to encompass electricity storage and e-mobility. With its subsidiary Green Circuits GmbH, they are expanding their offering to include plug-in PV.

4. Energiequelle GmbH

Website: Energiequelle GmbH

Energiequelle GmbH is a multi-faceted renewable energy company with a focus on wind, solar, and biomass projects. 

Energiequelle was founded in 1997 and began with a visionary start-up phase, managing four wind turbines and aiming for an annual turnover of DM 200,000. Despite the humble beginnings in kitchens in Bremen and Kallinchen near Berlin, these locations have grown significantly, forming the foundation for what has now become one of Germany’s top ten renewable energy firms.

Currently, with a team of over 500 dedicated professionals across Germany and Europe, it has been at the forefront of making renewable energies accessible to all. It operates on a global scale and has diversified into electricity sales, energy networks, and energy storage facilities.

5. Mysolarfuture

Website: Mysolarfuture

Mysolarfuture emerges as a dynamic force in the solar energy sector, offering tailored and innovative solar solutions. The company’s commitment to cutting-edge technology positions it as a key player with a solid customer base in Bremen. Mysolarfuture and its projects are frequently featured in the local media. This, aside from giving them a noticeable measure of credibility, also positions them as an authority in the sector. With a focus on customer satisfaction, the company currently offers solar assembly services within a 50 km radius of Bremen.

6. Solar Hoch Drei GmbH

Website: Solar Hoch Drei GmbH

A manufacturer-independent consulting and project planning office dedicated to advancing renewable energy systems in Germany. By providing professional advice on consumer-tailored power configurations and procurement services, the company provides an easy start for people and companies seeking to switch to green energy sources.

This is driven by the company’s focus on harnessing the inexhaustible and cost-free potential of solar energy. With an emphasis on quality and efficiency, they are particularly known for their high-quality solar and energy-saving systems. 

7. Powertrust GmbH

Website: Powertrust GmbH

Powertrust GmbH also stands out as a reputable company in Bremen’s renewable energy sector, specialising in the planning, installation, and maintenance of photovoltaic systems. The company’s solutions extend to systems with and without electricity storage; heat pumps and combined heat and power (CHP). Powertrust’s commitment to reliability and technological advancements positions it as a key player in driving Bremen’s transition to sustainable energy sources. 

8. CleanEnergySystems GmbH

Website: CleanEnergySystems GmbH

CleanEnergySystems is another “top 10 Renewable Energy Company in Bremen. The photovoltaic-focused company offers a holistic range of solutions; planning, implementation, maintenance, repair, electrical, acceptance and recycling of systems. Clean Energy Systems’ website displays an impressive portfolio of accomplished installation projects mostly around Bremen. 

9. 1KOMMA5° GmbH

Website: 1KOMMA5° GmbH

Since launching in 2021, 1KOMMA5° GmbH has been an easy one-stop-shop to buy and install solar, charging stations and heat pumps, to liberate European homes from the shackles of fossil fuels. What makes the company stand out as a major sustainability hero is its radical efforts to provide an alternative for fossil fuel-based PV modules.  

1KOMMA5’s high-performance modules based on the state-of-the-art TopCon technology are reportedly highly efficient with minimal CO2 footprint. 

The company aims at establishing its own production line in Europe and producing up to 5 GW per year by 2025.

10. SunSpace Solar GmbH

Website: SunSpace Solar GmbH

SunSpace Solar GmbH, a prominent player in Bremen’s solar energy sector, focuses on providing quality photovoltaic solutions. Set up by a three-man team in 2023, the company boasts 57 implemented projects, 1360 installed solar panels and 80 assembly teams Germany-wide (from the company’s website). 

With these top 10 companies leading the way, Bremen is not only contributing to Germany’s renewable energy goals but also setting an example for regions globally. As we look ahead, the landscape of Bremen’s energy will undoubtedly continue to evolve. 

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Disclaimer: None of the companies mentioned influenced or sponsored this article. The information provided here was objectively researched and sourced from publicly available information on the internet, including the companies’ websites.

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